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Triple Lutz is the 8-track tape your dad left in his Mach 1.  It’s the Suzi Quatro and T-Rex tunes he blasted directly before you were conceived. That’s correct. Dallas’s own rock-n-roll-power-trio, Triple Lutz, was probably responsible for causing that funny feeling in your father’s Wranglers which led to your birth. You’re welcome.

Triple Lutz is proud to announce their debut show, Thursday March 27th, at The DoubleWide

Rich Circle


Rich plays bass guitar in Triple Lutz. Hailing from Lubbock, Texas, Rich moved to Dallas about 10 years ago to play music and be awesome. He is currently the bass player for  Dallas hip-hop group, GalleryCat, as well as bassist in Greg Reichel & The Big Flats. Rich’s past projects include Flat People, MEXICO and The Wishlist. Rich is a web and social media guru, and an expert on beer, burgers, and distorted bass guitar.

Chey Circle


Chey plays guitfiddle, sings, and writes in Triple Lutz. He performs as Daryl Hall in the Hall and Oates tribute band, The Rich Girls, and performs as Vince Neil in the Motley Crue tribute band, Notley Crue. Chey also wrote, sang, and played guitfiddle as the alter-ego, Sir Silky, and took his talents to Kitchen Dog Theatre’s production of “Ruth”, where he was the sound designer/music coordinator/original composer, and an onstage performer. Chey studied under famed vocal coach, former Carnegie Hall and Broadway singer Tom McKinney, and under Collin College vocal professor David Alexander. He was a music performance/theatre major at Collin College and teaches guitar and voice professionally.

Jonny Circle


Jonny plays drums and sings background vocals for Triple Lutz. Jonny is a Dallas native and veteran of its music scene. He also writes, and plays keyboard, synth, and samples in GalleryCat, a Dallas hip-hop group. Jonny plays piano, organ, guitar, and lap steel for Greg Reichel & The Big Flats. His past projects include Sir Silky, MEXICO, and The Wishlist. Jonny is a graphic designer in real life and an astrophysicist in fake life.